Tobcco verses E-cigs

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Is e-cigarette safe?

                That is the number one question and concern of people who are interested in vaping e-cigarette. They want to know if it is a good alternative to stop smoking. Many of them are facing a hard time to quit smoking and they heard the idea that vaping e-cigarette can be the best option. Is it really safe? Studies show that e-cigarette contains carcinogens and chemicals like what they found on the traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes are available in many flavors and some of them have 0 % nicotine. Wow! Is that true?

Based on my research, many flavors are nicotine free. It means that they are really safe compare to traditional cigarettes. Some company allowed users to add more nicotine depending on their needs and wants. If heavy or more nicotine is used, it means that they are dangerous as regular cigarette. I therefore conclude that e-cigarettes are safe if you choose nicotine free flavors.

E-cigarette health concerns

                If you choose flavored nicotine e-cigarette, you’ll be addicted then. When you’ll try to stop using it, you’ll be feeling different and terrible. There are some reports of getting irritated without any heavy reasons. A feeling of depression has noticed to people who tried to quit e-cigarette. They are people who felt restless and very anxious. That is very bad. Having those feelings is hazardous to those people who have heart problem. Be careful. It will be advisable if you start with nicotine free e-cigarettes. If you are satisfied with them, it will be good for you. Being addicted to e-cigarette is really a sad truth. You will end up buying and vaping e-cigarette again.

E-cigarettes don’t have smokes unlike the regular cigarette. We all know that the most dangerous part of the tobacco is the smoke. That smoke is dangerous to your health as well as people around you. It is proven that regular cigarettes contain many dangerous chemicals. You can read many advertisement from cigarette manufacturers that their products are really dangerous to human’s health. E-cigarette is safer from regular cigarette but the danger and health security about e-cigarette may vary. It depends on the user; how he/she blend or choose the flavors of the e-cigarette. If you really want to make sure of your health; don’t smoke. That could be the best option you can do. You know the truth behind regular cigarette and e-cigarette. Don’t start so that it will not be harder to quit.